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Dear New Neighbor, Welcome to Fairview Pointe. We hope you will enjoy living in our community as much as we do. As new members of our community, we hope that the following information will be helpful to you.

We are a homeowner's association and have a board of directors elected each year. Our management company is DST Property Management, Inc. and they handle the day-to-day running of the community. If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints about anything related to your Fairview Pointe community, please call Donna Childrey at (954) 933-2353 or email dchildrey@dstpm.net
To visit the property managements portal and establish an account as a resident of Fairview Pointe, please go to comwebportal.com and follow the prompts. This will allow you to communicate with them in a timely manner regarding any concerns or problems.

When you closed on your home, you were given a set of documents. If you did not get them at closing, contact your attorney. You may also access them via the "Association Documents" link on your home page. These documents are the rules and regulations that govern our community. They explain what our homeowners' association is all about.

Our board meets monthly at 5:30 PM on the third Monday at the Skolnick Community Center, 800 SW 36th Ave. Pompano Beach. Each meeting is open to all homeowners, and after the agenda is completed, the meetings are opened to any homeowner to bring up any business. The meeting agenda for the month will be posted 48 hrs before the meeting online and in the neighborhood bulletin board by the mail boxes at the swimming pool.

1. Trash Pickup: Trash pickup occurs in Fairview Point on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Note that per association rules (item 5.06 in the Covenants) no trash may be placed at the curb before 5:00 pm on the day before the scheduled day for trash collection. Please make sure that your trash is in the correct trash bins and only use black garbage bags. This is to ensure that no animals get into the garbage.

2.  Association notices are posted on the bulletin board located by the mail boxes at the swimming pool.

3.  Guests may gain entrance by dialing a unit from the control panel at the guardhouse. When a call is received, press "9" on your touch tone phone to open the gate. Contact the management company to have a phone number added to the gate directory.

4.  Maintenance Payments. As a new homeowner, you will receive a package of coupons and envelopes. A package of envelopes with coupons is sent yearly for all assessments.

5.  Landscaper. If there is any landscaping services needed (i.e. sprinklers, trimmings, etc...), please contact our management company at (954) 933-2353 for your work orders or go to the community portal at www.comwebport.com.  The landscapers may not be able to help address your needs directly which could delay any of your requests. If you would like to make any major landscaping changes, please fill out the request for modification form for the Landscape Review Committee and send this to Donna Childrey at DST Property Management, Inc. 2300 West Sample Road, Suite 301., Pompano Beach, FL 33073 Phone: (954) 933-2353 Or email dchildrey@dstpm.net

6.  Leases - All leases must be approved. Please complete an Application for Lease form for the Board to look over. please contact our sales and leasing department at 954-933-2353 or email sforero@dstpm.net for an application.

7.  DOGS should be on leashes at all times. We request that you have consideration for your neighbors; pick up any animal waste and put it in your garbage. If you have CATS, we ask that you be considerate of neighbors also, as cats do have claws and can rip screened patios. For the safety of our wildlife population, we suggest you put a bell on our cat's collar. Please do not feed the ducks, squirrels, iguanas, or other wildlife, as it causes these animals to become pests and also decreases their ability to fend for themselves in the wild.

8. Exterior Improvements. Painting is done on an as needed basis. If you need any touch up paint, please ask the management co. They will deliver the paint. Any changes you would like to make to the exterior of your property must be approved. Please complete an Request for Modification form for the Architectural Review Committee to look over. There is a deposit request on the form. The form is on the Association documents page of our website. Please send this to Donna Childrey at DST Property Management, Inc. 2300 West Sample Road, Suite 301., Pompano Beach, FL 33073 Phone: (954) 933-2353 Or email dchildrey@dstpm.net

9. Signs - no signs (i.e. for rent, for sale) are allowed in our neighborhood.

10. Overnight Parking - please have your guest park in the guest parking lot, no parking is allowed on the street or on the grass.

We hope that this welcome letter does just that, welcomes you to the Fairview Pointe community. Say hi to your neighbors, and they will respond in kind! We're sure that you will be some of the best residents we've ever had!


Fairview Pointe Board of Directors